Pharmako Biotechnologies is an Australian company specialising in innovative, premium ingredients and excipients for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries. We manufacture materials created through scientific research and innovative product development. Pharmako focuses on clinically proven ingredients, combined with technologically advanced delivery systems.


Australian quality assured


As an Australian biotechnology company, we strictly adhere to pharmaceutical cGMP practices and standards. The Australian nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries are regulated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Pharmako’s two directors share over 40 years experience within the nutraceutical/pharmaceutical industry, across regulatory affairs, quality assurance, marketing, sales, manufacturing, innovation and logistics.


Australian owned and operated


Pharmako is proudly an Australian owned and operated company, based in the wonderful harbour city of Sydney right near the beach. Wherever possible, Pharmako source materials and expertise from metropolitan and regional Australia.

Caring for our environment


Pharmako is committed to the environment. We enjoy living and working in a beautiful city. Pharmako adheres to a strict recycling protocol, and is aiming to be carbon neutral. Applying AquaCelle’s technology to medicines and formulations should also allow reduced dosage regimes without compromising efficacy, which will improve utilisation of resources.


Our directors


George Kokkinis


George Kokkinis is the co-founder of Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty. Ltd. Originally a senior member of the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA) for nine years, George’s extensive industry experience encompasses regulatory, technical and quality consulting, manufacturing, sales and marketing, with product development. George was responsible for the TGA’s ELF (Electronic Listing Facility), still operational today. With experience since 1993, George and his network of technical experts have been utilized by the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry around the globe.


Eric Meppem


Eric Meppem is the co-founder of Pharmako Biotechnologies Pty. Ltd. With over 16 years experience in the nutraceuticals industry, he has specialized in bringing to market innovation from both a product and material perspective. A senior sales and marketing executive with a strong commercial background, with extensive experience in businesses with FMCG, wholesale, retail, supply and customer service focus. Eric’s outgoing personality and leadership are recognized within the complementary medicines industry within Australia and internationally.



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Australian quality assurance

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