A major challenge in modern medicine is improving the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble materials. This challenge is applicable to both pharmaceutical medicines and complementary medicines (bioactives or nutrients).


Between 40% and 70% of all new chemical entities are poorly soluble in water and hence are not adequately absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract after oral administration.


Lipid-based medicine or nutrient delivery systems are now overcoming this challenge and improving the bioavailability of lipophilic substances. This is due to their capacity to facilitate gastrointestinal absorption and reduce or eliminate the effect of food on the absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs or bioactive compounds.





AquaCelle is a patent-pending Lipid-Based Drug Delivery System (LBDDS).

Lipid based formulations are an important tool for water insoluble medicines, as they offer the potential to enhance medicine absorption and oral bioavailability. There are many well established pharmaceutical products, which utilise lipids as excipients.


Pharmako Biotechnologies is bringing this technology with AquaCelle into the nutriceutical industry.


The Gastrointestinal absorption of fats

The human body deals with the absorption of ingested fats by secreting pancreatic and biliary fluids, which in-turn alter the luminal environment of the small intestine.  The fats are solubilised within the bile salt mixed micelles and are subsequently delivered to absorptive cells of the GI-tract. The chemistry and nature of the interaction of lipid digestion products with the aqueous contents of the GI-tract change as a function of digestion and solubilisation.


The absorption of most medicines &/or nutrients is similar in principle and depends mainly on 2 processes:

the dissolution of the chemical/nutrient in physiological fluids; &

the absorption process – the process whereby the chemical in solution enters the body’s cells at the absorption site and finally enters general blood circulation.


AquaCelle – SMEDDS

SMEDDS, or Self-Microemulsifying Drug Delivery Systems, is a category of medicines that achieve a microemulsion (in solution) through physical chemistry, as opposed to mechanical means.


AquaCelle is a lipid-based formulation that self-assembles on contact with an aqueous phase into a micellar colloidal delivery system with a mean particle diameters measurable in the micron range (not in the nanometer range).



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